How many Instructor-Guides accompany the group?
A group of up to 5 quadracycles is accompanied by 1 Instructor-Guide.
If I purchase a tour as a driver, will you give me a passenger?
If you purchase a tour as a single driver, there will be no passenger with you.
I'm alone and I want to be a passenger
You need to find courage to drive a quad on your own or persuade a friend to be your driver.
I have never driven a quad, will I be ok?
In advance of the tour, we will send you a detailed manual; immediately before start, we are giving a detailed briefing on safety, operation and behavior on the route. During the first 15-20 km, the Guide will lead the group with low speed, for you to get accustomed to the quads and for us to get accustomed to you.
You will be ok if you listen carefully to the Guide's instructions!
We want to take children
  • You can take children as passengers;
  • Age from 10 to 16, height from 140 cm — discount 15%;
  • No discount for children in 1 (one) day tours.

What entertainments are available during the tour?
Camping banya with whisks on the bank of a river or lake, balls (football and volleyball), pneumatic gun, playing cards, hikes to local landmarks.
I am experienced in riding a quad, will the route be too easy and boring for me?
Multiple obstacles, mountainous terrain, striking views and unique locations will surely not leave you bored.
Am I allowed to "make the best" of the vehicle (drown it in the mud to the wheel, go for a ride without the Instructor)?
Our routes are made to provide maximum drive and adrenaline, based on our estimation of the level of skill of the group participants (estimation is made by the Instructor-Guide). Remember! We are in the MOUNTAINS! And they tolerate no mistake.
I have my own quad or we are a group of quadracyclists, may we join your tour?
Yes, you may!
There must be at least 5 people in your team;
- register the group with the regional Emercom;
- provide satellite communication for emergency;
- take spare fuel for all vehicles (first fueling on your own);
- provide the Instructor-Guide (as a mechanic) on his personal quad;
- organize evacuation of vehicles from the route in case of breakage (for a fee);
- provide a convoy car for transportation of personal belongings (UAZ Patriot);
- provide a team for catering and assistance with accommodation on the route (guesthouse or Decathlon tent camp) and the mobile banya;
- provide safety equipment (helmet, helmet liner, Jersey shirt, Dragonfly dirt-proof overall);
The price is calculated on the basis of your chosen tour minus 20% of the price published at the website.
E.g.: Picturesque Arkhyz tour (4 days) costs 80,000 RUB / person - 20% = 64,000 RUB / person
How will my belongings be transported?
Your personal belongings will be transported in a convoy car, things you need on the route will be secured to the cargo platform or trunk of your quad. We recommend to take waterproof soft bags or backpacks.
May I leave somewhere my belongings I don't need for the tour?
Before start we send you the list of things you will need, based on our own experience. Please adhere to it and don't take things you are not expected to need!
I'm a vegetarian
Please inform us in advance when you book the tour; we'll give notice to our cook.
Will there be mobile connection on the route?
  • On the northern slope of Elbrus and the Black Sea route there is virtually no connection; only Megafon and only in some places.
  • On Arkhyz and North Ossetia-Alania routes, there is connection in the evening.
  • FOR EMERGENCY CALLS, the instructor guide has a satellite telephone.
Is there electricity/WI-FI in the camping/base?
You can charge your device: а) in the camping in the convoy car, 220V adapter is also available; b) bases may have WI-FI.
May I come to the place of start by my own car?
Yes, you may. There is a paid parking in the places of start.
We like to have a drink in the process, can we have some?
Driving a quadracycle in the state of alcoholic or narcotic inebriation is strictly prohibited. The Instructor-Guide must take you off the route. You can have a drink in the evening, during dinner, but very moderately :)
We want an individual tour for two people
Individual tours can be organized on the basis of the tour calendar; their cost is calculated for each case.
We are a group of 5-7 people and we don't want anyone else on the tour
- The cost of tour for a closed group is calculated for each case.
May I cancel my booking?
Yes, you may. We will return the money, depending on the time of your cancellation.
The return amount is shown in percents:
— 61 days before the start: 90%
— 15-60 days before the start: 75%
— 10-14 days before the start: 50%
— 0-9 days before the start: 0%
May I come to the place of start on my own, and will the transfer money be deducted from the cost of the tour?
You may, but we will not compensate the difference.


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