The tent camp where you want to live.
Travelling by quads is extreme, adrenaline and fatigue. Every kilometer of the road will echo with ache in your muscles and weakness in your hands. One wants to comfortably rest after the journey.This is something we are ready to provide.
Travel in the format of 360.
Landmarks in the beauty tour along the northern slope of Elbrus:

  • Karst caves and waterfall "Grishkina Balka";
  • the Bermamyt Plateau;
  • the Khudes Stone Labyrinth;
  • the mountain lake of Khurla-Kel.
Individual tours up to 6-7 days
Apart from traditional routes announced at the website, we also offer customized tours.

6. In the video you can see how a 3-day tour along the northern slope of Elbrus is possible to be extended to 6 days! Plus new places, new entertainments, more cool experiences. The guests are happy!
Beauty tour along the northern slope of Elbrus.
Landmarks of the route:

  • Honey Waterfalls (near Kislovodsk);
  • the Large and Small Bermamyt Plateau;
  • the natural Narzan springs, waterfalls;
  • the Khudes Stone Labyrinth;
  • Tsar Gate of Khudes;
  • the mountain lake of Khurla-Kel at the altitude of 2,400 meters.

Going to the Black Sea by quads.

In this video we have given a brief overview of the trip to the Black Sea, and shown the landscapes and roads along the way. It is a fantastic feeling to have a dip in the sea after the exhausting journey!
The road back is not less difficult :)
Traveling across Stavropol Krai.
Russia, rich in nature.
Landmarks of the route:
It's easy to cover 400 km in 10 minutes. The short story of the long tour across the beautiful landscapes of Stavropol Krai.
Stavropol Krai at a glance.
One day journey to the village of Beshpagir.
90 km of fields, hills, sand quarries and even a pine forest.
The beauty is indescribable. When you get tired of the landscape outside the window, let's go looking for a new one!
Quadracycling to the German Bridges.
The trip with the large group of people to have a look at the German Bridges near Stavropol.
Yet another proof that quadracycling is the family recreation! As to the puddles, they are great alternative to mud baths.
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