Focus on the client in ATVs hire

Standard tour extended by the client’s request.

In May 2020, when the nation just started to recover from self-isolation, we were contacted by a group of experienced sportsmen. Closely familiar with the equipment and peculiarities of this kind of recreation, they wanted to spend 6 days in the Caucasus. At that time, our longest route was 4 days long, but we didn’t falter. 
The client asked for less fast ride, more halts, fancy landmarks, and fishing.

Tour around the Karachay-Cherkess Republic (KCR), on the northern slope of Elbrus, 12-17.09

It was decided to include new landmarks in the standard route along the northern slope of Elbrus. 

We started as usual at Honey Falls, traditionally bathed in the waterfalls, the first day followed its plan. We stopped overnight, as usual, on the Bermamyt Plateau: dawn with Elbrus has long become our trump card, and we couldn’t resist showing its splendor to the guests. 
On the second day, the team headed towards Dzily-Su, KCR, to the Emmanuel’s Glade. We have never come so close to the mountain for a reason. There is only one road for quads, via the mountain pass, with red hazard level. Our clients are experienced quad-drivers, so we made the decision in favor of this route. But the narrow serpentine road, which we climbed, did not leave anyone indifferent!

We set our camp next to the alpinists’ one, looking forward to the day of relaxation, swimming in the mountain river, banya and the hiking trip to the German Aerodrome. We failed to reach the first snow line; probably, we’ll be able to do it next time.

Next on the plan were the Stone Labyrinths, our favorite camping place, and the magical sunset. We decided to measure the temperature of all mountain rivers with our own skin; that day, it was the turn of the Khudes River, and traditional banya on its bank. 

It’s our 4th day of travel, and the road to the lake of Khurla-Kel is ahead. After the serpentine road, nothing could fear us, so our choice of passage to the mountain lake was in favor of short but relatively difficult one. On our road, we enjoyed picturesque surroundings as birch groves gave way to pine forests, and overcame fords, ascents, descents with dangerous slopes. We were lucky there was no rain, which could make some sections of the road impassable. The professional group of travelers made 30 km across mountain passes and gorges over several hours. We don’t take there our regular guests for that reason. 

The next day was devoted to relaxation, fishing and slow walking. There is so much to do in the mountains apart from riding quads and catching the thrill. We failed to catch any trout, therefore nice meat barbeque brightened up our dinner. Our return trip took the entire next day.